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Introducing the LISIPAROI

Have you ever found the need to add some extra light on your camera project? Or ever fancied using the PiNoir camera module to capture the night life?

If so, the LISIPAROI is perfect for your project.


What is it?

The LISIPAROI is an add on for the Raspberry Pi camera module, and has been designed to provide additional illumination when taking pictures or recording video. It also features extra mounting points which is perfect for using custom mounts or even a gooseneck holder.

The LISIPAROI comes in 2 flavours, a white LED version which is perfect for the Standard camera module, and an Infrared version suited for low/zero light with the PiNoir module.

The white LISIPAROI (noted with yellow LEDs) has 12 white LEDs arranged around the camera module to offer a wide viewing angle of light perfect for illuminating the subject of the picture.

Each LED has an intensity rating of 260mcd cool white colour.


The infrared LISIPAROI (noted with clear LEDs) has 12 infrared LEDs arranged around the camera module to offer a wide spread of light when used in low/zero light conditions making it perfect for security or night wildlife activities.

Each LED has a wavelength of 940nm, perfect for the PiNoir module.

Note – If used with the standard camera module which features an infrared filter, you won’t see anything!